Welcome to Loyola (video)

This summer, I had the pleasure to work for the Admissions Department at Loyola University Maryland. I gave tours, talked to prospective students, assisted with office work, but most importantly, worked on a top-secret video project!

It began with brainstorming with Admissions Counselor, Andy Cevasco. We  wanted to fully engage the entire Loyola Community united as one. After bouncing different ideas around, we finally discovered a simple, yet efficacious idea; every single department of Loyola would be filmed expressing one powerful word – “Welcome.”

The subsequent weeks, I strolled the vacant Loyola campus asking whoever I saw – strangers, professors, employees, and students – one question, “Would you like to welcome future Loyola students?” Initially, people were reluctant at best, sheepish at worst. However, once they heard the words, “future Loyola students,” they immediately dropped their fear and were eager to help.

I then compiled, edited, created from the thirty-eight minutes of footage into a concise one minute video! This video revealed an entirely new Loyola to me – a community of tremendous unconditional compassion and support.

Therefore, it should be no wonder that, despite being thousands of miles away (I’m studying abroad in Belgium for the whole year), my heart is still and will always be at home, Loyola University Maryland.

Welcome Home To Loyola University Maryland!

Watch and Share the video below! Thanks for reading!