Up In The Sky

upup-1967-minI boarded the plane in Dublin, Ireland. I was sitting at a window seat, and an Irish couple was to my left. I am extremely positive that the couple next to me thought I was insane. The soundtrack of the plane ride could have been “click…click…click”. I filmed and photographed about 50% of the flight back to Leuven, Belgium, from taking off to landing.

Being thousands of feet in the air and looking down at the world changes your perspective immediately. The white clouds quickly passed by as the sun started to set. It forced me to recognize how minuscule human beings really are and how lucky we are to be on this earth.

The view was terrifying but gratifying at the same time. Looking down at the vast green landscapes, made me really think about my purpose. What can I bring to this world? How can I make an impact? Will I make an impact? Do I have the necessary tools to do so? Am I going to regret anything?

Every human being has our own internal purpose. The hardest part is just deciding what this so-called “purpose” is. Getting lost in a view is one of the best experiences one can have. It really forces you to think, and realize the importance of your unique life.