Hidden Emotion

Human beings constantly disguise their emotions because of their fear of being judged. I decided to create a video that allows college students express their deepest anger, anguish, frustration, and sadness. Our experiences make us who we are. From divorce, bullying, breakup, death, depression, alcoholism, fear of loneliness, etc. College students are constantly hiding beneath their smiles. This film demonstrates that every individual has something that they are struggling with and that it is completely normal to express it.

I sat down on the cold studio floor or on a stool, facing each individual person, with the camera recording. I told them the studio was a safe space to express who they are. I asked them to tell me a story. A story that causes them pain, frustration, worry. And this is the outcome of their hidden emotions.

Song: “Wait” by M83.

Hidden Emotion:


Created by Margaret Wroblewski (Loyola University Maryland Student)

Contact: mewroblewski@loyola.edu