Comfort Zone

Packing my bags my hands were shaking, terriffinalinstaied of the huge adventure ahead. One by one, my suitcase and carry on bags were filling up. Camera, tripod, SD cards and then the not so important things, passport, clothes, toothbrush, shoes, money, etc.

On August 24, 2015 I made the biggest decision, a leap of faith. Going abroad for the year to Leuven, Belgium. “I am totally insane for going abroad for the year” I thought to myself over and over again.

Here. At this very moment. I am extremely uncomfortable. My feet are on the ground beneath me but my mind is somewhere completely different. My heart is racing full of urgency, nervousness, and enthusiasm. I am outside of my comfort zone.

I am currently at the KU Leuven Library in Belgium. Sitting in a row of about 15 chairs, with my fingers on my keyboard, with my textbooks surrounding me. Attempting to reflect on everything that has happened since that plane took off.



IMGL8954-minHonestly, I am never completely comfortable here in Belgium, Every single day there is always a new experience. Europe is completely different world from the United States. In Leuven, there are students and people from all over the world. It is truly incredible. In the past 4 weeks I have met people from Greece, Turkey, Japan, Slovakia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium of course.

This abroad has already altercated my perception of the world. It has taught me that life isn’t worth living if you are always in your comfort zone. It has taught me to truly recognize all of the beauty around you and be eternally grateful for what you have back home. It has taught me to focus on what is in front of you rather then the past and the future.

I am ready for the adventures ahead!

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