20 Reasons YOU Should Study Abroad

In a blink of an eye, and I have been living in Leuven, Belgium for exactly two months. It amazes me how quickly this time has passed by! My freshmen year, I had absolutely no urgency to go Abroad. Then sophomore year rolled by, then decided to go abroad for the WHOLE year on a complete whim. Looking back to that exact moment, it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Saying “yes” to the unknown. Many students are extremely fearful or have no interest in going abroad for the year or at all. Fear holds back every human being, to some extent.

I could come up with a list with about 100+ reasons why everyone should study abroad. This list is particular for students who are struggling with the decision to go abroad or not. Hopefully, it makes you realize how vital it is to just get on the plane and GO!

1. Always outside of your comfort zone. finalinsta

2. Create lasting memories.

3. Networks across the globe.

4. Become extremely independent.

5. Increase employment opportunities after college.

6. More open minded.

7. Optimal way of learning a new language.

8. To become an expert at traveling.

9. New perspective about various IMGL9743-2cultures.

10. Endless waves of personal transformation.

11. Pro at managing your own finances.

12. Learn about YOU.

13. Find inspiration for your future career.

14. Get to explore the WORLD.

15. Enhance communication skills.

16. Food and Gelato/Waffles/Crepes of course!

17. Knowledge from difficult experiences.

18. Realize the importance of home.

19. Creating lasting friendships around the world.


21. Pictures to last you for a lifetime. 11143688_10206574583376275_4574390729735331187_o-min

PS: Go abroad for the whole year…you will not regret it!

Thanks for reading!

-Margaret Wroblewski (mewroblewski@loyola.edu)

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